Treatment of Mucocutaneous Disorders through Reversing Chronic Inflammation and Barrier Disruption.
Filed with US Patent Office- 2002 -2006; Continuation in Progress.
Method and Compositions for Disrupting Epithelial Barrier Function.
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Pyridine-thiols reverse mucocutaneous aging.
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Topical active agents to enhance the penetration of excipients.
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Lipids for epidermal moisturization and repair of barrier function.
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Use of dicarboxylic acids / analogs as penetration enhancers and toxicity blunting agents.
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Treatment of a) skin disorders, b) skin tumors induced by viruses, and c) hyperpigmentation disorders all with monocarboxylic lipids. 
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Treatment of viral tumors and hemorrhoids with sesquiterpenes.
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Treatment of pruritus with monocarboxylic lipids.
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Treatment of papulosquamous and eczematous diseases with combinations of carboxylic lipids and sesquiterpenes.
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Treatment of psoriasis with sesquiterpenes.
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Treatment of hyperhidrosis, ichthyosis and wrinkling with mono-and dicarboxylic lipids.
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Treatment of inflammatory and / or hyperproliferative skin diseases in which pathogenic microbes play a significant role with amines of carboxylic lipids.
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Treatment of non-acne inflammatory dermatoses, infectious cutaneous disease, and hair loss with dicarboxylic lipids.
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