Regimen for Patients with Diabetes*

A Step-By-Step Guide:

Abnormal glucose levels and inadequate insulin regulation associated with diabetes can negatively impact the health of the skin. For people with diabetes, the protective skin barrier is compromised, and immune response is often hindered. As a result, patients may experience visible skin conditions including dull red bumps, round purple patches, waxy, thick and/or scaly skin, deep cracks, open sores and blistering. Prompt evaluation and treatment of skin conditions is recommended to avoid long-term, sometimes serious, consequences in diabetes patients.

Benefits of using Epionce for Diabetes

Epionce is the perfect solution to help improve the visible skin conditions associated with diabetes. Regular daily use can help soothe dry, cracked skin while reducing the appearance of bumps and rough, scaly patches on the face and body.

Regular use of a topical anti-inflammatory and barrier repair system like Epionce strengthens the skin’s natural ability to repair and protect itself. A healthy skin barrier will help reduce the severity of skin conditions that are common with diabetes.

*Products mentioned and/or shown here may not reflect the actual Epionce products recommended by your physician. Always follow the regimen suggested by your physician. The information provided is not intended to treat, diagnose or take the place of physician recommendation regarding skin diseases or conditions.