Sunscreen is Your Best Anti-Aging Cream



As an esthetician, my clients often ask me, “Which product is the best anti-wrinkle cream?”

Usually this question comes from someone closer to my age range (let’s say I’m between 35 and 60) and not from someone closer to my daughter’s age (let’s say she’s between 0 and 24), when it actually makes more sense to think about preventing wrinkles.  My answer is always the same: the best anti-wrinkle cream is sunscreen – worn every day when you were a child.  (Insert admonishing smile here.) Because nearly everything you see on your face when you hit your mid-30’s and beyond (fine lines, spots, wrinkles, sagging skin) is from unprotected sun exposure.

Epionce makes two fantastic sunscreen formulas to suit your broad-spectrum protection needs. Active Shield Lotion SPF 30+ and Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50 are both made with UV-reflective micronized zinc oxide to protect from both UVA and UVB rays, plus homosalate and octisalate to provide an additional level of defense from UVB (burning) rays. Choose SPF 30 when you are spending more time inside than outside, and SPF 50 when you spend most the daylight hours outside. If you have oilier skin in the summer, skip your Renewal facial product in the daytime and apply your Epionce sunscreen instead – or, try using Balancing Toner to help boost moisture content before sunscreen application.

Some important sunscreen tips:

  1. Start with one full ounce of sunscreen to protect your unexposed body parts, and about  ½ teaspoon for your face and neck (and don’t forget ears and chest too, if they are exposed).
  2. Reapply—reapply—reapply—every two to three hours when you are outside, especially after swimming or sweating —– no matter what the SPF rating is, it will eventually wear off and you could still get sun burned.
  3. Try to avoid direct sun, or look for shade during the highest exposure hours, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
  4. Don’t forget UPF-rated clothing too! Especially for hats for heads or rash guard t-shirts for shoulders and back.
  5. Enjoy your time outside in the beautiful sunshine, breathing in the fresh summer air! And prevent the signs of visible aging by wearing appropriate broad-spectrum sunscreen from Epionce.